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When We Were Apollo: It’s Time We Remember

Dear Friends,

It's time. I am so excited to tell you about the launch of our new documentary film project, WHEN WE WERE APOLLO. It's the story of how we came together to put a man on the moon, seen through the eyes of everyday men and women who helped us get there.

Since early 2015, I've run a startup production company called Contact Light Films.  From the get-go, the company's mission has been to share stories about individuals and organizations positively impacting the world around them. Words and great speeches can temporarily inspire, but it's by witnessing those around us taking action that we often decide to take matters into our own hands and make a difference.

When We Were Apollo draws from this understanding. Unlike previous films which focus on astronauts and figureheads to tell the story of the Apollo Program, When We Were Apollo makes a conscious decision to witness the moonshot through the eyes of behind-the-scenes figures who designed, built and managed the systems and machinery that took us there.

Astronauts are inspirational leaders. But their unique experiences and public personas can make it difficult for us to connect with them as film subjects. Shifting the focus to those we may have more in common with makes the massive undertaking of the space program approachable and ultimately more meaningful.

This vantage point also gives us the chance to see firsthand how a 'can-do' spirit of optimism resonated from the bottom up. President Kennedy's call "to go to the moon and do other things" was renewed time and again by the 400,000 men and women of Apollo who, in their daily actions, refused to see it fail. At a time when our country and the world face unprecedented challenges, this overriding spirit is a powerful reminder that our greatest obstacles are still not as strong as our will to overcome them.

The spirit of Apollo was once our spirit, and it can be again.

Today, July 20, 2017, marks the 48th anniversary of the first moon landing–the culmination of a collective effort by the individuals our film will showcase. It is my hope to share their story with you on the landing's historic 50th anniversary. And we want you to be part of the exciting journey ahead. 

I invite you become an active participant on our blog and social media pages, offering your memories, reflections, and big questions; and to help fuel this mission through our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We will be eager to share our updates and insights along the way, as we work to bring this important story to life.

Most importantly, let us dedicate ourselves to the notion that the best days are still in front of us–that with a renewed commitment to affect positive change in the lives of our families, friends and community, 'everyday' people like you and me can and will help our country and world chart a course back to the 'moon' and beyond.

Best Regards,

Zack Weil



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