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Submission Guidelines

What types of stories should I submit?
Personal stories from men and women who worked in or were connected to the Apollo Space Program. Personal stories from others who witnessed the Apollo missions and felt deeply impacted by them.

What kinds of media can I upload?
Text, photos, and links to videos uploaded elsewhere. Photos should be .png or .jpg files, 2,400 x 3,200 pixels or less. Paste video links into the text section. Please only submit files and information you own or have explicit permission to share publicly. We are working on a way to upload video files directly to our website. Stay tuned.

I'm having trouble uploading.
Be sure text submissions are 8,000 characters or less. Image files are .png or .jpg, at 2,400 x 3,200 pixels or smaller. Your name and email address are required fields. If you are still having problems, ask a friend or email us for assistance:

What happens after I submit my materials?
You will receive and email confirming your submission. We will review your post within 1-2 days. You will receive another email when your submission is posted on the website. You will also receive an email if your post is not approved for some reason. If you think the post was rejected by mistake, please email us:

Why would my submission not be posted?
We cannot post your story if it contains copyrighted material or information you do not own or have permission to share. We may have to reject a submission for many reasons, including inappropriate or offensive material, submissions that are off-topic or promotional, or that fall outside the scope of this project.

What makes a good story?
Be yourself. Explain not just what happened but what you were feeling and what it meant to you. Stick to essential details. Text submissions are limited to 8,000 characters. For longer submissions please contact us:

Why is my email address required?
We need your email address to communicate about your submission, and to guard against spam or bots. We will not share your address with anyone without your permission. We will not put you on our mailing list, but you have the opportunity to sign up if you like.

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