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Our Place In Space

Dear Friends,

Zack suggested I send you this week's letter. I'm very pleased to meet you! I'm extremely excited to be part of the crew for When We Were Apollo.

Sometimes when I'm tangled in the day's to-do list or stressed about an immediate problem, I think about how big space must be if it takes a beam of light billions of years to cross it. The universe completely blows my mind!

I headed up to Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles this week to ask people what they think about space. Picture a long row of cars on a narrow road snaking through the dry desert hills. I crossed the parking lot at the summit and stepped onto the crowded green lawn in front of Griffith's pure white fortress topped with iron domes.

When We Were Apollo Producer, John Filson, at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

Every kind of person was there, enjoying a scorching summer day and their curiosity for the heavens. Feeling kinda creepy until families realized I only wanted to hear their thoughts about space, I mingled until my bald spot was sunburned. You can watch the video below to see what people had to say.

I missed the moon landing by a decade, but I marvel when I think about how humanity started on this planet with nothing but our body and the dirt; Yet we figured out how to land a human being on the distant moon as it flew across the sky. WHAT?!

Not everyone at Griffith was awestruck. People were candid about more pressing concerns that keep them occupied, from grocery shopping to global poverty. Worries about killing our own planet was a common sentiment. Why spend resources on space exploration when we don't have our own house in order? They have a point.

But there were also plenty of kids, mothers, and friends who think we should always keep exploring the cosmos. It just makes sense. We're here, on our tiny blue marble, and we have the ability to perceive the vastness of space. Not only that, but we can apply the things we learn to improve our life and planet. Why wouldn't we do that?

When We Were Apollo takes us back to the time when putting a man on the moon was the coolest thing around. It's a reminder, as we look after our families and go about the daily business of Earth, that we play a special role in the endless expanse of matter and energy. It's human to be amazed. It's human to forget. All the while nature is here, and we can know it we want. It's distinctly human to decide if we will.

What do YOU think? Please jot us a note in our comments section.

Thank you for reading!

John Filson

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