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Life in Rocket City: Interview with Apollo Engineer, Bill DeCarlis

Bill DeCarlis, standing near his office in the Vehicle Assembly Building, watches the launch of the first Saturn V rocket. November 9, 1967.

In this audio clip, When We Were Apollo producer, John Filson, interviews Apollo engineer, Bill DeCarlis. Bill describes his life as a young man in Cape Canaveral, Florida, working in the Vehicle Assembly Building on the Saturn V rocket that would take astronauts to the moon. From a chance encounter with a space superstar to a middle-of-the-night mission to save the Apollo 8 launch, Bill gives us a glimpse into what it was like to be part of something big and incredible.

Bill's account is part of our larger effort to capture the untold stories of Apollo workers for our upcoming documentary. Our Kickstarter campaign runs through October 31st. Please support it today!

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